Bad Social Media Tactic

24 Sep

I found this very interesting article the other day about Social Media and bad tactics. Ironically, I found this article on Facebook as a post that one of my friends posted. The article is called Quite Possibly the Worst Social (Media) Tactic… And How to Improve It. The article was on a website called, Social Media Today. I think this website is an open website were anyone can post their ideas about the world of Social Media.

In this article, Kevin Hudson explained a problem that he saw in a way people were using twitter and he gives a solution to the problem. Hudson has recently noticed a pattern in Twitter posts. This pattern is as follows: “Hi followers, please like our Facebook page.” Automatically, I had a feeling that I knew where he was going with this. This statement is so general and does not make the audience that they are reaching out to feel like they are needed in any way.

He goes into a step by step description of what is wrong with the statement, why it bothers him, and what to do instead.

First of all, this statement is too general and has no value. Also, it makes the audience wonder why they should visit the Facebook. What is the catch? What can you offer? It bothers him because your business should be more important and interesting than what you are demonstrating with this phrase. It also does not benefit the business in any way.

I liked his solution to this problem most of all. He says that you need to find your target audience and create for the audience not just to the general population. He also wants them to understand their audience. Understanding your target audience is the biggest and best way to connect. If they feel like you understand them then they will trust you as a brand.

My favorite suggestion of his is to be social and personal. This is so important because that is the whole point of social media, especially in the advertising world. People like things that they can relate to and people that they can talk to. If they see that you are talking to them individually as a person, they will respond more willingly.

This article in general opened my eyes to the Tweets I see on my Twitter and even the posts I see on my Facebook. I have noticed businesses trying to get me to follow them without being personal. If you want me to follow there has to be something for me to want to look and interact with. It is not very interesting to be following a Facebook page that has no activity on it.

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Posted by on September 24, 2012 in Blog Posts


One response to “Bad Social Media Tactic

  1. samanthaharty

    September 29, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    I would agree that activity and personality are an attraction for me as well if I am going to follow/like a brand or company. Kevin Hudson brings up a great point that this activity needs to be more than just having someone like a page- the activity should make the customer excited and intrigued about what is being done or said. In a media world, brands and companies need to start reevaluating their message and how they can involve their customers in the best way possible.


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