Social Media in Business

26 Sep

So, where does social media fit into the marketing plan of a business? I researched some information from the SBA (Small Business Administration) in order to get the inside scoop.

Social media is extremely important for businesses to get connected and stay connected to their target audiences. The social media of a business should address the needs and goals of the company. What do you want to use this media for? (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, etc.) Most businesses use it as their primary marketing plan. This helps to reach a lot of people and to present a business as a person because people like to talk to other people not businesses.

The second step in using social media for a business is how to execute it correctly. Social media is a lot of work. It does not happen automatically, a marketer needs to be posting comments, tweeting, and blogging constantly. Everything takes time and effort and it is not something that can just be done in your free time. The best way to execute this is to assign a position specifically for social media. Good social media usage involves a day-to-day execution of communication. One to two blog posts per month is not going to cut it. People will interact with your company more if you are interacting with them.

The third step to execute social media in a business is to track your results. You need to be tracking your Facebook likes, Twitter followers, mentions, retweets, pluses, and more. There are ways to measure social media. The easiest way to find this is by searching “social media measurements” in a search engine. It is important to track but it is also important to follow up with the people who are communicating with your business. You also should keep your social media up to date. This will help followers see your dedication to them as customers.

One business that I think does a wonderful job keeping up with their social media accounts is Bar Louie America. They post information on their Facebook on a daily basis. They connect with their audience and their posts sound friendlier than most businesses. Their posts everyday usually consist of images of their food and a phrase that you would see on one of your friend’s walls. For example, this was one of their posts today. “The perfect lunch for a beautiful Fall afternoon” with a picture of one of their meals under it.

Bar Louie also do different promotional things through their Facebook. Taps and Apps is one of them. This is every Sunday all season long. It is $3 Bud Light with ½ price Appetizers. They do a great job getting the word out about their products and their business in a way that is entertaining and inviting.

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One response to “Social Media in Business

  1. tessamorelli

    November 27, 2012 at 7:04 am

    I think this is a very informative post and I have to agree with a majority of what you wrote. I think that business get so excited about their social media sites and interactions that they sometimes forget what their goals are. It is important to go into the site with a plan and then update and track ones progress along the way. I think some restaurants and business tweet just to tweet or Facebook just to say something. You have to have a message and a purpose. This is key.


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