Foursquare in the Business World

05 Oct

Foursquare is a social network platform that focuses on people’s locations and the cool things about the places they are at. It has a little bit of a competition to it and it is a fun friendly way to see what your friends are doing and what they have to say about these places. You can become the mayor of a place by the number of check ins you have there. Being the mayor can get you more points. Also, you can unlock badges and get coupons/discounts through this platform. You can use foursquare on either your computer or any mobile device. You can check in to a place with literally a click of a button.

So how would a company use Foursquare to its advantage?

This is any easy platform for businesses to connect with their audience and see what their doing. They can look at their tips and see what they like the most about their company and they can approve the things they dislike. It is very interactive and it helps the companies communicate efficiently.

According to “Ragan’s PR Daily,” there are four brands that are using this platform to the best of their abilities. Emily Johnson wrote the article, “How Four Major Brands are Using Foursquare” that better describes these bands and what they are doing right. These four brands include: Walgreens, Redbox, ESPN, and Pepsi.

Walgreens is Johnson’s favorite example of a company using Foursquare. They offer fans more than 500 tips on their site in order to keep fans engaged. Their tips include ways to stay safe during the flu season and how to take great sunset pictures. They also use the special features in a great way. They have big deals going on with their Foursquare such as offering a $100 dollar gift car with every check in.

Redbox is the second great business to create a great platform. They teamed up with Walgreens and offered Free Movie Mondays for every check in to Redbox at a Walgreens location. Now that is genius. This gives both Redbox and Walgreens a great reputation in the social media world. Before this great marketing idea, Redbox locations were not considered official business locations.

ESPN is the third business using Foursquare in a great way. They use it in a different way than Walgreens and Redbox. They use the “badges” to their advantage. They created a new badge that they only made available to their super fans. The “foam finger badge” is offered to diehard sports fans who check in to more than three sports stadium. Badges are exciting for fans because it makes them feel like they have accomplished something.

Last but not least, Pepsi used Foursquare to its advantage. They offered a badge that made all with the badge legible to win a terrific price. All Foursquare user had to do was follow their page and check into summer related venues like beaches and parks. They did a great job building brand awareness.

I think that this was a great article but it listed a couple of different ways for big and small businesses to get involved in a different aspect of social media. The businesses have to be where their fans are. In the very near future, all business will have a Foursquare presents and they will be communicating with their fans on a personal level.

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