Social Media Monitoring

12 Nov

Social media monitoring is a very important step for businesses to take when they are actively involved and dedicated to their social media sites. Monitoring helps companies see how effect they are on the internet and it gives them an idea of what else they need to do in order to have a larger social media presence.

I found an article called, “Top 20 Social Media Monitoring Vendors for Business.” This article was posted on by JD Lasica and Kim Bale. They compare 20 major monitoring and engagement service sites including: Radian6, Lithium, and Attensity360.

The web has over 200 tools that can help track and assess mentions of businesses or brands in social media channels. Some of the major tools target specific parts of a company such as, product development, customer support, public outreach, lead generation, market research, and campaign measurement. The monitoring websites that are available help to better each and every business that comes to them for their expertise. Many of these companies provide end-to-end solutions, tracking capabilities, and a rich set of analytics and response tools to help each business grow and engage.

Three of the major monitoring companies are: Radian6, Collective Intellect, and Lithium. I would go through all of the comparisons but then this would be a very long post. If you would like to read more about some of the other leading brands, you can click on this link and enjoy:

Radian6 is a Canadian based social media monitoring company. They work with brands to listen to their customers, work around competitors and influencers and they give real time insights. Their monitoring dashboard tracks mentions on more than 100 million social media sites and they offer an engagement console. The engagement console allows businesses to coordinate their ideas and make them into external activities. They are a fully automated service. Their starting rate is $600 monthly but they offer free trials to students and educators for research project purposes.


Collective Intellect is based in Boulder Colorado and they began by providing monitoring to financial firms. They have evolved into serving top businesses in the marketplace. They use a combination of self-service dashboards and human analysis. Collective Intellect is unique because it applies spam management techniques and text analysis to clean data sets. Their starting rate is $300 per month and changes upon special needs or requests from clients.


Lithium monitors a business’ search mentions on the web and outputs an easy to read graph and stock market replica for each and every business. They take mentions and information from a wide variety of social media sites and websites. Their base plan-starting rate is $249 per month for five users and five searches with a free 14-day trial.

I think that these three monitoring companies have many differences but they are basically the same. They do their job to find businesses on the web and to calculate their mentions and effectiveness. It is important for these companies to be around in order to help companies clearly understand their presence in this social media based world.

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