Best Buy Social Media Policy

28 Nov

Best Buy is an American public company that is a specialty retailer of consumer electronics in the United States. It was named “Company of the Year” by Forbes Magazine in 2004 and they made the Fortune Magazine’s List of Most Admired Companies in 2006.

Best Buy, along with many other companies, is connected to social media and they have a social media policy that their employees must abide by. A social media policy is a corporate code of conduct that provides rules for employees who post content on the Internet either as part of their job or as a private person. The goal of a social media policy is to set expectations for proper behavior and to guarantee that an employee’s posts will not put the company in harm.

Best Buy’s Social Media Policy revolves around being smart, respectful, and human. There are five major parts to this policy including: guideline rules, what you should do, what you should never disclose, consequences, and other policies.

Their guidelines set up the policy and help to introduce what is to come from the rest of the policy. It explains that electronic policies are just as important as the values, ethics, and confidentiality policies employees are asked to live by when joining the Best Buy team. The importance of confidentiality is known and their employees must be responsible for the company on and off the clock.

In their “what you should do” section, they describe different ways to express feelings on social media that will not reflect poorly on the company. Employees must disclose their affiliation with Best Buy when talking about work related matters, they must state that it is “your” opinion when commenting about a business online, and they have to personally protect themselves. This policy also shows how important it is to act ethically, honor the company’s differences, and get approval for offers.

Some things that Best Buy employees must never talk about are the numbers, the promotions, and legal information. They explain that if you find yourself starting to talk about something you learned at work, you must stop yourself. If Best Buy employees do not follow this policy or any of the companies other policies, they could get fired, get Best Buy in legal trouble with customers or investors, or cost Best Buy the ability to get and keep customers.

Last and foremost, they want their customers to remember to protect that brand and themselves.

I think that this is a very solid and well thought out plan. It is basic and self-explanatory yet important to be written and followed. I think that if employees follow this policy that will keep themselves and the company out of trouble. I do not think that this means that they cannot talk about their work or what they do. They just have to watch what they say and do not cross the line. It is all about respect and protection.

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