Foursquare in the Business World

Foursquare is a social network platform that focuses on people’s locations and the cool things about the places they are at. It has a little bit of a competition to it and it is a fun friendly way to see what your friends are doing and what they have to say about these places. You can become the mayor of a place by the number of check ins you have there. Being the mayor can get you more points. Also, you can unlock badges and get coupons/discounts through this platform. You can use foursquare on either your computer or any mobile device. You can check in to a place with literally a click of a button.

So how would a company use Foursquare to its advantage?

This is any easy platform for businesses to connect with their audience and see what their doing. They can look at their tips and see what they like the most about their company and they can approve the things they dislike. It is very interactive and it helps the companies communicate efficiently.

According to “Ragan’s PR Daily,” there are four brands that are using this platform to the best of their abilities. Emily Johnson wrote the article, “How Four Major Brands are Using Foursquare” that better describes these bands and what they are doing right. These four brands include: Walgreens, Redbox, ESPN, and Pepsi.

Walgreens is Johnson’s favorite example of a company using Foursquare. They offer fans more than 500 tips on their site in order to keep fans engaged. Their tips include ways to stay safe during the flu season and how to take great sunset pictures. They also use the special features in a great way. They have big deals going on with their Foursquare such as offering a $100 dollar gift car with every check in.

Redbox is the second great business to create a great platform. They teamed up with Walgreens and offered Free Movie Mondays for every check in to Redbox at a Walgreens location. Now that is genius. This gives both Redbox and Walgreens a great reputation in the social media world. Before this great marketing idea, Redbox locations were not considered official business locations.

ESPN is the third business using Foursquare in a great way. They use it in a different way than Walgreens and Redbox. They use the “badges” to their advantage. They created a new badge that they only made available to their super fans. The “foam finger badge” is offered to diehard sports fans who check in to more than three sports stadium. Badges are exciting for fans because it makes them feel like they have accomplished something.

Last but not least, Pepsi used Foursquare to its advantage. They offered a badge that made all with the badge legible to win a terrific price. All Foursquare user had to do was follow their page and check into summer related venues like beaches and parks. They did a great job building brand awareness.

I think that this was a great article but it listed a couple of different ways for big and small businesses to get involved in a different aspect of social media. The businesses have to be where their fans are. In the very near future, all business will have a Foursquare presents and they will be communicating with their fans on a personal level.

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Social Media in Business

So, where does social media fit into the marketing plan of a business? I researched some information from the SBA (Small Business Administration) in order to get the inside scoop.

Social media is extremely important for businesses to get connected and stay connected to their target audiences. The social media of a business should address the needs and goals of the company. What do you want to use this media for? (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, etc.) Most businesses use it as their primary marketing plan. This helps to reach a lot of people and to present a business as a person because people like to talk to other people not businesses.

The second step in using social media for a business is how to execute it correctly. Social media is a lot of work. It does not happen automatically, a marketer needs to be posting comments, tweeting, and blogging constantly. Everything takes time and effort and it is not something that can just be done in your free time. The best way to execute this is to assign a position specifically for social media. Good social media usage involves a day-to-day execution of communication. One to two blog posts per month is not going to cut it. People will interact with your company more if you are interacting with them.

The third step to execute social media in a business is to track your results. You need to be tracking your Facebook likes, Twitter followers, mentions, retweets, pluses, and more. There are ways to measure social media. The easiest way to find this is by searching “social media measurements” in a search engine. It is important to track but it is also important to follow up with the people who are communicating with your business. You also should keep your social media up to date. This will help followers see your dedication to them as customers.

One business that I think does a wonderful job keeping up with their social media accounts is Bar Louie America. They post information on their Facebook on a daily basis. They connect with their audience and their posts sound friendlier than most businesses. Their posts everyday usually consist of images of their food and a phrase that you would see on one of your friend’s walls. For example, this was one of their posts today. “The perfect lunch for a beautiful Fall afternoon” with a picture of one of their meals under it.

Bar Louie also do different promotional things through their Facebook. Taps and Apps is one of them. This is every Sunday all season long. It is $3 Bud Light with ½ price Appetizers. They do a great job getting the word out about their products and their business in a way that is entertaining and inviting.

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Bad Social Media Tactic

I found this very interesting article the other day about Social Media and bad tactics. Ironically, I found this article on Facebook as a post that one of my friends posted. The article is called Quite Possibly the Worst Social (Media) Tactic… And How to Improve It. The article was on a website called, Social Media Today. I think this website is an open website were anyone can post their ideas about the world of Social Media.

In this article, Kevin Hudson explained a problem that he saw in a way people were using twitter and he gives a solution to the problem. Hudson has recently noticed a pattern in Twitter posts. This pattern is as follows: “Hi followers, please like our Facebook page.” Automatically, I had a feeling that I knew where he was going with this. This statement is so general and does not make the audience that they are reaching out to feel like they are needed in any way.

He goes into a step by step description of what is wrong with the statement, why it bothers him, and what to do instead.

First of all, this statement is too general and has no value. Also, it makes the audience wonder why they should visit the Facebook. What is the catch? What can you offer? It bothers him because your business should be more important and interesting than what you are demonstrating with this phrase. It also does not benefit the business in any way.

I liked his solution to this problem most of all. He says that you need to find your target audience and create for the audience not just to the general population. He also wants them to understand their audience. Understanding your target audience is the biggest and best way to connect. If they feel like you understand them then they will trust you as a brand.

My favorite suggestion of his is to be social and personal. This is so important because that is the whole point of social media, especially in the advertising world. People like things that they can relate to and people that they can talk to. If they see that you are talking to them individually as a person, they will respond more willingly.

This article in general opened my eyes to the Tweets I see on my Twitter and even the posts I see on my Facebook. I have noticed businesses trying to get me to follow them without being personal. If you want me to follow there has to be something for me to want to look and interact with. It is not very interesting to be following a Facebook page that has no activity on it.

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My Benefits of Social Media

Social Media is a group of Internet based apps that build off of web technological. It allows the exchange of user generated content. It is a cool and successful way to interact with peers, professors, employers, costumers, and so much more. In the more recent years, Twitter and Facebook became the major platforms for powerful sources like news updates. The list of social media sites include: Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Flickr, Foursquare, Google +, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Yelp, Klout, WordPress, and many more.

During the Spring of 2013 I will be graduating from Marquette University and I will be perusing a job in Advertising. There are many general benefits for social media in Advertising. My other passion is Theatre. No matter what career path I choose to go down, there are many ways to use social media.

Ideally, I would like to get an advertising job in the creative department of an advertising agency. For this career path, social media is effective because it gets the message out faster and, initially, to more people. It also helps with updates, grand openings, and product premieres. If it is executed in the correct way, it can help create trends of products. It can also be useful in more of a personal sense as well. If I ever become a freelance graphic designer, social media is a way to get my name out in the open and to get people to see my work. I could use twitter to post updates about my work or about some of my upcoming clients. WordPress, or any blog site could be useful to blog about my life and my career. I could talk about my kind of work and connect with people who do the same thing or who need someone to work with them. LinkedIn is a social media site that everyone can use for any career. If I keep my LinkedIn updated at all times, everyone that I am connected with will see what I am doing with my career. This could help me find future jobs in bigger fields. I could use Pintrest to put my work on and pin images that are similar to my work. This will help get my name out and my work out. If other people pin it, it can get around the world.

Many of theses options are also available for a theatre career too. I am a technical theatre major with an emphasis in scenic design. I would use all of my social media sites in the same way that I would if I were a freelance designer for advertising. In both situations, I think that it is important to be known for who I am and what I do. If I use social media in the correct way, I could be known worldwide for my work and my ideas.

I am going to be successful in my life because I am dedicated and a hard worker. In reality, I would like to do both advertising and freelance scenic design for the stage. I can do both if I am organized and if I use social media in ways that would benefit me in both careers.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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